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A large open plan living space with two bedroom "wings" opening off it. Though most of the living will take place on the decks. The elevations show a carefully considered mix or low maintenance cladding - colorbond steel and weatherboards. Lots of glass.
An aerial view of the house from the street side. The slab is down and the frames are on site.
The architect deep in discussion with the builder. A multipurpose roof space/storage loft/overflow sleeping space with views to Montague Island.


The unusual opposed pitch roof form has been partly framed up. The entry and main bedroom wing takes shape.
It should be at lockup fairly soon. January 2019 and the roof is on.
The triangular highlight windows over the lower roof bring light all the way down through the house. The front door and living room windows will also face onto a large entry deck .
Big windows face the private open space to the north. The street view.
A tiny view of Montague Island. The membrane behind the cladding is on.
A view of the interesting inside spaces. The main living area with the loft space over it on the left.
The plasterboard is going in and the interior spaces come to life. Another view.
The highlight windows in the sleeping loft. The cladding installed and the windows in.