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Masterplan for the campus in 2010, using the existing buildigns from the CIT School of Horticulture The Masterplan in 2020 with all the new buildings constructed.
An aerial view of the site as it will appear in 2010 The same view ten years later

The Islamic School of Canberra has been housed at Watson but is rapidly outgrowing its present facilities. The ACT Government has offered the lease of the current Canberra Institute of Technology School of Horticulture on Heysen Street, Weston to accommodate the school beginning in first term 2010. The masterplan is designed to fit the school into the current facilities and make any adaptations or changes that will be needed to accommodate the ISC immediately, and also to consider and develop a masterplan that will take into account all future growth and development of the school's long term expansion. Continued growth and the need for more sophisticated facilities will be handled by adapting the original buildings and constructing new facilities in groupings.